Summing up the results of the last 2 weeks:

Celo Camp helped us focus on core products and not drown in tasks — staking, transferring liquidity, and so on. For users, the introduction of staking or the transfer of liquidity to PancakeSwap can bring benefits in the short term, but…

Here’s what happened over the past two weeks and the team’s plans for the future:

We launched a new token and farming. Initially, a vote was taken with a focus on the BUSD pool, but after launch, we decided to conduct a DAO vote to change the distribution. Users voted…

Today was a crazy day!
We worked from 8am almost 13 hours, while the week was also not easy. The start of the day turned out to be great: we created contracts, carried out a successful migration, created LP on Apeswap, created a farming contract, tested (deposit, withdrawal, emergency withdrawal). Everything…

CyberTime Finance

Daopolis Blockchain Game & NFT Mystery Box Platform

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