We picked up speed this week

- Have an AMA session with the Cryptowid channel. You can read the summary here
- We have completely completed the design of the main functionality of the cybertime.farm website and almost completely made up it. It remains to finish the backend and the site for farming is ready. Showing the logic of the screens

- Popular Twitter influencer “GEM Insider” wrote about us — https://twitter.com/gem_insider/status/1357657672473055235
- Almost finished NFT for the Evangelist program. It will be very cool! NFT animated, so I show the origin in pixels. Guess what it is? Write your assumptions here in the comments on Telegram or Twitter

By the way, the MEMEs contest is still underway and we will compete for all types of NFTs (Legendary, Ethereal and Mythic) among the cool works. Share your work on Twitter with the hashtag #CyberTimeMEME

- Conducted interviews with YouTube channel Tokenized TV. It turned out very cool. Interview in Russian

- We have prepared the servers for the deployment of the main site cybertime.farm. Also, we plan to put stubs on our other domains — cybertime.art (NFT Tima Collection), NFTL.art (NFT Fantasy League), cybertime.fund (DAO Fund & Accelerator)

Plans for next week:
- We are running the latest tests and will be featured on Coingecko & Coninmarketcap
- Let’s launch announcements of contests in major Telegram channels
- Presenting the final versions of NFT Evangelist and announcing the structure of prizes in all competitions
- Let’s send the code for audit and start deploying the OpenSea store
- Let’s continue looking for influencers to collaborate

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