Dev Log #12 — Preparing the rocket to takeoff 🚀

Summing up the results of the past two weeks:

Having studied the latest trends, we realized that NFT projects from #GameFi and Collectibies are very popular. We decided that the project needed changes, so focus on creating the Daopolis world. This is a blockchain game where there will be a confrontation between 2 factions — virtuality and anunimus. The core of the game is the inhabitants of Daopolis. These are unique Collectibies from 10k, with their own unique characteristics. We have now brought in a game mechanic specialist to create a truly interesting game and a global confrontation for influence and resources in Daopolis. The future site of the game will be accessed at

We conducted a series of votes and most of the community supported the change of the token name.

Why change the name instead of leaving $ NFTL?

  • Fast listing on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. With the transition from v1 to v2, this process took 1.5 months
  • Updating charts. Since the v3 token will be on a new contract, this is a new price chart and a new price history
  • New concept. The name NFTL was appropriate for the NFT artist’s marketplace, but not for Daopolis
  • New name, new life! With the name change, a new chapter for the project begins. Old mistakes, grievances, losses remain in the past and everyone focuses on new achievements

NFTL can be exchanged for DAOS — 1: 1. We will create a migration portal v3 for this.

What will happen to $ CTF?
CTF remains as before. We will carry out a v3 transition, as well as implement Token Pass everywhere on existing projects

Instead of 1000 words, I’d rather show a new interface

We moved the switch to the left and added v3. All old pools can be found in v2 version and withdraw funds. Token Pass will also appear in v3, which many CTF holders have already liked

This is how the Tokens section will look like. We’ve added badges to quickly add tokens to the Metamask wallet along with the logo. Simplified migration portal. No need to change versions, just change old tokens to new ones in 2 clicks. You can also check if there are tokens somewhere else in previous versions, pools, etc.

We wrote that we started UX / UI, but now a lot of work is underway on the logic of creating and selling boxes on the site. Creating something new is not easy. But let’s show you rough drafts of how everything looks.

  • Finish v3 contracts and submit to HashEx audit
  • Finish updating and adapt for WOWSummit
  • Align all the logic of and prepare screens for development
  • Pass an audit and connect new tokens / LPs to
  • Post new liquidity on ApeSwap
  • Launch an auction on with a new token
  • Prepare a logo for $ DAOS and update information everywhere
  • Send $ DAOS tokens to locker after audit
  • Start an active advertising campaign (coinhunt, Twitter, coinsniper, poocoin)
  • Send requests for adding $ DAOS token to CMC and CG
  • Update CTF data on all sites

As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done, and the next two weeks can be called one of the key ones in the history of the project! Thanks to everyone who believes in the project and continues to support

Daopolis Blockchain Game & NFT Mystery Box Platform