Dev Log #13 — passed audit, working on implementation and review of CyberBox

Let’s talk about what happened in the last weeks and our next plans. Go!

Creating local communities

Channel to Discord conversion

Passing the audit

Check audit —

Working on CyberBox

On the platform, the user will be able to create his own Mystery Box (set a name, description, category, box picture or choose from our templates)

In the created box, the user adds NFTs (just created or stored on the wallet), also sets the probability of dropping out of the Mystery Box

In the final part, it checks all the information and creates a Mystery Box on the platform.

Now we are actively working on a marketplace for buying, selling unopened boxes and NFT from open boxes.

By the way, the key token of CyberBox— SAVENFT. After the launch of v3 and the migration portal, we will start working on launching farming pools for SAVENFT.

What are the plans for the current week:
- Launch v3 tokens and migration portal
- Integrate Token Pass into and
- Carry out a soft LP transition from v2 to v3 with gifts for LP Holders
- Carry out locking of DAOS tokens on Cryptexlock
- Launch NFT auctions for the collection — SAVENFT on
- Listing DAOS on the CoinVote platform
- Promotion with Selena in Twitter

What are the plans for the next week:
- Finish SAVENFT Challenge
- Launch SAVENFT Farming on
- Lock SAVENFT in Cryptexlock
- Make promotion with Turkish channels, publics
- Finished 80–100% of UX/UI CyberBox platform
- Finish the economy of the game for Daopolis v1

Daopolis Blockchain Game & NFT Mystery Box Platform