Dev Log #14: successful transition to v3, start of NFT auctions and preparation for SAVENFT

The past two weeks have been quite busy for the team. We will tell you what happened during this time and what are your plans for the end of September.

Successfully upgraded to v3

Locking 63% of DAOS tokens

Locking transaction

Switching to ApeSwap and Power of DAO voting
We have been planning close integration with ApeSwap for a long time, so the transition to v3 provided an excellent opportunity for such a maneuver. But when the joy of launching v3 subsided, users began to resent such a choice. Many people got used to PancakeSwap and did not want to switch to the new DEX. The information background was so heavy that we thought it over and decided to hold a DAO vote. The most interesting thing is that it ended in favor of ApeSwap. This vote showed a lot:

1. Many users do not understand the real power of CTF. Conn.eth has shown the real power of the voice! Many hold the CTF token, but do not actively participate in the voting. And someone speaks about how the project will be better, but he himself does not even have a CTF. If you support CyberTime, you need to actively participate in DAO voting

2. Proposals to change the voting results. Someone wrote that you need to focus on the number of votes, and not on the strength of the voice. We believe that you need to focus on how the vote was launched. The cancellation of the vote casts doubt on the entire project and the CTF token in particular. Why keep a large number of tokens and vote if the results change?

In the near future, we plan to hold another vote on the topic — Burn or Stake. Prior to that, users voted to burn 3,000,000 NFTL. But then there was a different concept, there was no DAOS yet. We want to repeat the vote and make sure users want it. Or it can send these tokens to the stakers’ reward in single pools DAOS, CTF, which we plan to implement in the near future.

Launch of auctions on

Completed SAVENFT Challenge

Preparing to launch SAVENFT

Listing on RugDoc

Placing on listing sites & Price bot


Some CyberBox sections went into development

- Launch SAVENFT Farming
- Start an advertising campaign around the launch
- Add LP pool’s in Farm section on Apeswap
- Update data for CTF and add new for DAOS on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap
- Update info on Bscscan

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