Dev Log #16: WOWSummit NFT Expo, Celo Mentorship program and first results of work in a new way

We tell you about the team’s work over the past 2 weeks and plans for the future:

Did a lot of work on reorganizing the main site. Added information about products (Daopolis, CyberBox, Farming), about the team, about the passed audit and review from RugDoc

We added information about the security of contracts, updated the login logics from desktop and mobile devices, began to show TVL and APY without connecting a wallet

The transition to Apeswap was organized with one goal — a strategic partnership, adding pools to the farm. We had our first cooperation back in April 2021. Unfortunately, after switching to Apeswap, we received very different support than we expected. Long answers to questions, no help in resolving issues and no desire to search for win-win solutions. At the same time, 90% of all users use PancakeSwap and the decision to switch caused a mixed reaction from the entire community. We defended Apeswap, spent 1 month waiting for issues that can be resolved in 1 day and decided to end cooperation. We are going home!

On October 14–15, a conference was held in Dubai with the largest NFT exhibition. Our team helped create a showcase for the auctions

In order to fully prepare for launches and consistently solve project tasks, we organized weekly Demo Days. Team members show what they have done in the week, talk about the difficulties they faced and whether they need help from other team members. Also, at the end of the day, everyone writes a mini-report on the work done and gives each other grades. So the whole team understands what everyone is working on and what the team plans

Lera set about creating the inhabitants of Daopolis. The first developments can be seen in her Twitter posts.

As part of the Celo Camp, we held a session with Evan Kereiakes on the bridge between Celo and BSC, pools on Ubeswap, specifics of work on Celo. Very useful communication and contacts

Since the CyberBox platform has entered the active stage of development, we have already made a user profile. We continue to work on the main logic of the project — the creation of the NFT Mystery Box

- Complete the NFT collection to the maximum
- Make a landing page for
- Prepare banners for promoting NFT collection and Daopolis Game

- Smart contracts for staking DAOS
- Smart token contracts on Celo for the BSC <> Celo bridge test
- Smart contract for NFT minting
- Test contract for CyberBox
- Backend for CyberBox to store user data (nft, links, etc.)
- Complete the frontend for CybeBox and integrate with the test contract

- Organize voice chats and participate in themed voice chats
- Work out a scheme for recruiting users in Discord (whitelists for NFT minting)
- Run test ads on official Twitter
- Prepare and launch advertising for NFT collection
- Increase the quality of content and engagement in major networks (Twitter, Telegram, Discord)

- Complete all Celo Camp missions and get ready for the reporting day
- Continue to maintain Daily Reviews and take stock of CyberPulse
- Try the structure of Celo’s work

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