Resetting SAVENFT reward after farming stops [deposits are safe and SAVENFT too]

In the past times of farming, we faced the problem of tokens disappearing when withdrawing from the pool. Many users have lost their funds. This was due to the rewardBlock being changed to 0.

This time we didn’t change the rewardBlock value, but we did update allocPoint, which resulted led to zeroing of all user awards.

Don’t worry, all deposits are safe and SAVENFT tokens remain in the smart contract.

Bad news, all farming reward data has been lost. The good news is that SAVENFT tokens remain in the contract and we will re-start farming.

As compensation, we will hold a drawing of 50 Daopolis NFT among all participants in the farming stage.

No, we will create new pools with the same distribution of funds. In the new stage, you can withdraw SAVENFT at any time without commission, because the restriction was in effect for the first 30 days.

No. At the end of the next stage, we will update rewardBlock to 0, but all users will need to withdraw the received reward by November 23, otherwise your reward will expire.

Unfortunately, there is nowhere information about possible problems with updating rewardBlock and allocPoint. Even when passing the audit (at Certik and DeFiYield), no one told us about the possible consequences. The most important thing is that the tokens are safe and there will be an opportunity to get SAVENFT again. And everyone who participated in this stage of pharming will have the opportunity to win NFT Daopolis.

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