Rugpull or dead? Busting the myths about CyberTime

CyberTime has been around for almost 6 months. During its existence, not everything went smoothly, there were mistakes, partings, rethinking. But the most important thing is that we continue to move forward and aim to become a project with a capitalization of more than $ 1 billion. Many myths have formed around CyberTime, which in this article we will destroy, let’s go!

CyberTime is dead

- Faith
There were mistakes that led to a 99% drop in the price of tokens, but the team’s faith only grew stronger afterwards. There was a moment when the project could die, but the support of the community saved it (who did not withdraw LP, but added it, who bought CTF & NFTL at the very bottom, who voted on the DAO for the reserve fund). Together we have coped and continue to work further.

- Actions
We have rethought a lot of things. We decided to abandon the concepts that did not work (Fantasy League) and focus on promising ones (Game Daopolis and NFT Mystery Box & Collectibies Platform). We looked differently at product launches (now we are thoroughly testing everything) and marketing (there are agreements and contacts with many platforms and influencers). Many projects are blown away after the first difficulties, we went through difficulties and now we have a second chance, which we will not miss!

CyberTime is rugpull or sly SCAM

The team has no motivation to develop the project

Not enough money for development and marketing

You have many ideas, but you will not be able to implement them.

If you still have doubts or myths about CyberTime, write to the general chat on Telegram or Twitter. We are always for an open dialogue!

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