We are integrating v3. How to prepare and what do you need to know?

We have everything prepared and ready for v3 integration.

Official Launch Date — September 09, 2021

How will the integration process take place?

1.On September 09 at 08:00 UTC we will stop CTF farming in LP pools on v2 version (be sure to remove the entire CTF reward before this time, you can withdraw LP at any convenient time)
2. We will close the site for visitors for 6–8 hours to integrate new contracts
3. Let’s create new contracts, integrate them to the cybertime.farm website, prepare a migration portal, prepare new LPs on ApeSwap and check everything thoroughly
4. When everything is ready, we will open a new version of the site for all users.

Do I have to withdraw my CTF reward before September 09, 08:00 UTC?

Necessarily! One of the problems with current smart contracts is that when the block reward decreases, the reward withdrawn from the site is lost or reduced tenfold. Each time we carried out a refund of funds at the expense of the team. In total, we spent about 800 CTF on payments to users. This greatly slows down the development of the project, therefore, during the current transition from v2 to v3, we will not refund funds if you do not withdraw funds earlier than the specified date.

Is my LP safe?

Of course! All pools with v1, v2 will be available on the site. You will not be able to make a deposit, but you can withdraw your funds at any time.

Can I continue to receive CTF rewards with my LPs?

You can, but you will need to collect LP with v3 tokens. If you have LP with v2 tokens, you need to do Remove on the PancakeSwap site, and then collect new liquidity with v3 tokens on the ApeSwap site

How to exchange NFTL tokens for DAOS and CTF v2 for CTF v3?

The updated cybertime.farm site will have a section for migrations from v1 and v2 to v3. There will be one button, by pressing which you will automatically change your tokens in a few seconds. The exchange will take place instantly and new tokens will be in your wallet! You don’t have to worry about the safety, as we have been audited by the DeFiYield team, which has confirmed the security of our contracts.

How to get a 2% refund bonus on a deposit when adding LP to new pools one on v3?

We have prepared a special support program for early LP holders. Read more about the terms of participation here — https://docs.cybertime.finance/community/lp-holders-gifts

The site will be unavailable for 6–8 hours. I’m afraid you are RugPull. How to stay calm?

We need to close access to the site for all users, so that everything is set up and everyone can use the site with a comfortable further. Our reliability is confirmed by 3 audits (including Certik) — https://docs.cybertime.finance/security-audit. We launched 6 months ago, and our team does not hide its face — https://docs.cybertime.finance/team.

If you have any questions, ask them in the official groups:
Telegram — https://t.me/cybertime_eth
Twitter — https://twitter.com/cybertime_eth
Discord — https://discord.com/invite/YZtubvRX7X

Remember, the CyberTime team will never write you first and will not ask you to access your wallet, etc. Be careful!