Why You Need to Withdraw NFTL Pool Rewards Before Farming Ends

When we migrated from v1.0 to v2.0, we ran into an unexpected issue — CTF rewards would disappear in NFTL/BNB and CTF/BNB pools.

We refunded all the losses and spent almost a week looking for the cause of the issue. And we finally found it! The good news is we know the problem and how to go around it, bad news is that we can’t find a solution that doesn’t involve users doing something themselves.

The root of the issue is in the rewardBlock value. Right now, it’s 21.62 NFTL per block, but to stop farming this Sunday, it needs to be changed to 0. The mechanics of the smart contract mean that when you withdraw a reward from the pool, what you get is calculated by multiplying the reward by the rewardBlock value. So, if it’s zero — that’s what the withdrawn reward will be.

We understand that everyone lives in different time zones and won’t be able to withdraw their rewards at 7:00am UTC on the dot. But we strongly recommend that if you’re not sure if you can make it to the end of farming in time, you withdraw in advance — better to lose several hours’ worth of rewards than all of it.

You can withdraw your initial deposit at any time, those funds are safe.

Note that the reward withdrawal issue does NOT apply to NFTL/BNB and CTF/BNB pools. Farming continues as usual, and you don’t need to withdraw your CTF rewards.

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