For the team, this is an opportunity to get feedback from project development experts, as well as get into Celo Camp. It will run from September 23 — November 19.

Participation in the Celo Camp provides several good benefits:

🖥️ Present to top investors including Polychain, Winklevoss Capital,
a16z, and more.

💰 Minimum pool of $30,000 cUSD in prizes for Camp participants.

🚀 An entrepreneurial inspired curriculum and workshop lineup with
industry leaders, designed to help you accelerate your startup

We share news of the last weeks and tell about our plans:

New auctions on
We have planned 2 new auctions on our platform.
The first one will start tomorrow on July 20 at 15:00 UTC. The Surealisme collection was presented by Teddy Rohmansyah from Indonesia —

Next week there will be an auction of the Zöela collection from the author from Spain Marta Maffei —

We did a little research and realized that despite the popularity of NFT for many authors, it was a challenge to enter the NFT market. In this regard, …

Finally it happened 🔥🔥🔥

We have successfully integrated with Treasureland. You can now sell your NFTs on the secondary market. The v1 version of NFT auctions is working correctly so far.

You can see the works here and optionally put them up for sale —

We are still in talks with the Lootex site. Perhaps soon it will be possible to sell your NFTs there as well.

Sell ​​or Hold?
We will tell you about our plans and you can already make the right decision for yourself. After several stages of farming, we realized that we needed drastic changes. We…

We resume the heading — Dev Log.
Now we will tell you what has happened in the past and what are our plans for the development of the project.

Continued farming
We reviewed the concept of CTF farming and decided to extend it. Of course, APY will be lower, but your tokens will work. So far it will not be possible to use them for voting, but there are plans to make a decision on the release of the xCTF token when adding CTF to the pool, which will just allow voting

New auctions on the website
One collection is…

The NFT market is taking off right now. At the same time, the community remains ambivalent about it: on the one hand, many are waiting for the “bubble” to burst, on the other hand, many do not understand what it is at all. In that sense, NFT is a pretty vulnerable token that would have been put in the IUCN Red List long ago, if we were talking about beasts.

CyberTime takes care of the rare animal and releases a new token SAVENFT, recognized to protect and safeguard NFT.

Why do we need a third token?

Behind the CyberTime project there is not just a desire to…

In short — we’re regrouping and are almost ready to move forward at full steam. For the long version, read the article :)

After launching the platform, we realized that the team burned out, so on the weekend we took an actual break for the first time in weeks, like normal people.

We weren’t just tired from work, emotions ran high around the launch, too. Inside the team and out — there are always users who are unsatisfied, that’s a normal part of business, but we felt like it started getting above average. This is a big issue for the team and the project in general, so we’re making some changes to our process.

What will change?

  1. This week, we’ll integrate a proper feedback form +…

It wasn’t a completely smooth ride, but we’re proud of the results nonetheless. Now that it’s over, it’s time to draw some conclusions and learn some lessons.

In short, here’s what went on, in case you missed anything: our Certik audit came through, we ran farming stage 2, had to postpone our NFT auction launch, and released our CEX exchange strategy.

Project safety confirmed by Certik & proven by successful farming

Adding the project to the Certik website raises the project’s profile and trustworthiness, but farming shows that trustworthiness in action.

People contributed $20M and successfully withdrew. This is our second successful phase of farming already, it just concluded on April 18. …

How we plan to successfully tackle the CEX market step by step.

Before we share our strategy, let’s do a small review of CEX exchanges. These are not expert opinions, but personal observations made after extensive talks with the community, exchange representatives, and listing specialists.

Exchanges can be divided into 4 nominal categories:

  1. Dream — Binance. It’s an obvious leader on the CEX market. Getting listed here practically guarantees price growth. The problem is, it’s incredibly expensive (there are rumors of $3mln+), and the only way to get listed for free is huge hype.
  2. First class — FTX, Huobi, Kucoin, Okex, Bithumb Global, These are large and reliable exchanges with huge audiences. Getting listed here attracts new users, which…

When we migrated from v1.0 to v2.0, we ran into an unexpected issue — CTF rewards would disappear in NFTL/BNB and CTF/BNB pools.

We refunded all the losses and spent almost a week looking for the cause of the issue. And we finally found it! The good news is we know the problem and how to go around it, bad news is that we can’t find a solution that doesn’t involve users doing something themselves.

The root of the issue is in the rewardBlock value. Right now, it’s 21.62 NFTL per block, but to stop farming this Sunday, it needs to be changed to 0. The mechanics of the smart contract mean that when you withdraw a reward from the pool, what you…

We’ve always been honest with our community, and this time won’t be an exception. We don’t want to cover with excuses, so we’ll explain the situation as it is.

To keep up a high pace, our main dev team worked on the migration portal (smart contracts + site), and an outsourced developer covered the NFT platform. They committed to finishing the platform by the end of March, and agreed to dedicate all of their time to the project in the crucial pre-launch weeks.

What happed and why we’re rescheduling

Things seemed to be on track. The frontend was ready on time, we launched the platform March 31. However, we ran into logic issues in how the system integrated with our smart contracts and the backend. This could’ve been solved quicker by throwing the entire team…

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