It wasn’t a completely smooth ride, but we’re proud of the results nonetheless. Now that it’s over, it’s time to draw some conclusions and learn some lessons.

In short, here’s what went on, in case you missed anything: our Certik audit came through, we ran farming stage 2, had to postpone our NFT auction launch, and released our CEX exchange strategy.

Project safety confirmed by Certik & proven by successful farming

Adding the project to the Certik website raises the project’s profile and trustworthiness, but farming shows that trustworthiness in action.

People contributed $20M and successfully withdrew. This is our second successful phase of farming already, it just concluded on April 18. …

How we plan to successfully tackle the CEX market step by step.

Before we share our strategy, let’s do a small review of CEX exchanges. These are not expert opinions, but personal observations made after extensive talks with the community, exchange representatives, and listing specialists.

Exchanges can be divided into 4 nominal categories:

  1. Dream — Binance. It’s an obvious leader on the CEX market. Getting listed here practically guarantees price growth. The problem is, it’s incredibly expensive (there are rumors of $3mln+), and the only way to get listed for free is huge hype.
  2. First class — FTX, Huobi, Kucoin, Okex, Bithumb Global, These are large and reliable exchanges with huge audiences. Getting listed here attracts new users, which…

When we migrated from v1.0 to v2.0, we ran into an unexpected issue — CTF rewards would disappear in NFTL/BNB and CTF/BNB pools.

We refunded all the losses and spent almost a week looking for the cause of the issue. And we finally found it! The good news is we know the problem and how to go around it, bad news is that we can’t find a solution that doesn’t involve users doing something themselves.

The root of the issue is in the rewardBlock value. Right now, it’s 21.62 NFTL per block, but to stop farming this Sunday, it needs to be changed to 0. The mechanics of the smart contract mean that when you withdraw a reward from the pool, what you…

We’ve always been honest with our community, and this time won’t be an exception. We don’t want to cover with excuses, so we’ll explain the situation as it is.

To keep up a high pace, our main dev team worked on the migration portal (smart contracts + site), and an outsourced developer covered the NFT platform. They committed to finishing the platform by the end of March, and agreed to dedicate all of their time to the project in the crucial pre-launch weeks.

What happed and why we’re rescheduling

Things seemed to be on track. The frontend was ready on time, we launched the platform March 31. However, we ran into logic issues in how the system integrated with our smart contracts and the backend. This could’ve been solved quicker by throwing the entire team…

Last week, March 27, we closed version 1.0 LP pools for deposits for the first time due to our upcoming token migration. This Friday, we re-opened them, but only for a limited period.

This raised a lot of questions in the community, so I decided to clear things up with a short article covering the main points.

Why version 1.0 LPs closed for deposits last week

Let’s start at the beginning — why have we closed pools for deposits in the first place? Since CyberTime is gearing up for migration to version 2.0 CTF & NFTL tokens next Saturday, farming on v1.0 LP pools will stop after April 10. That means that you will have to unstake from v1.0 pools and re-stake to new v2.0 LP pools to keep farming.

The migration process from v1.0 to v2.0 is launching on April 10…

CyberTime is launching a migration portal to help you transfer your tokens. Here’s why you need this and how it works.

Why do we need this?

When we were launching our project and farming, in the rush, we overlooked a non-critical vulnerability in the emergency withdrawal function. Plainly speaking, this feature is necessary only in case you need to quickly get your tokens out of a smart contract.

It can only be launched via code, interacting directly with the blockchain. If you only interface with the contract through the site, you won’t stumble on it by accident. But imagine a situation where the website is down, and Emergency Withdraw just sends your money down a black hole. …

We put together an explainer about the much-anticipated NFT auction platform. Here’s how it’s going to work and what makes it special.

A Platform for Exclusive NFT Collaborations

Our key product is the NFT Fantasy League with its unique mechanics of connecting users and crypto artists. After we launched the farming platform, it became clear that nobody’s going to be ready to wait for 3–4 months until we fully develop the NFT Fantasy League platform.

So we came up with a way to release a kind of lite version of the platform where users could start purchasing NFT sooner. We set a 30-day goal to create a fully-fledged platform for exchanging NFT for our NFTL token.

We was deceived by professional scammers who introduced themselves as the Coinone exchange. Sorry to mislead you about Coinone listing, it won’t.

It all happened on March 4th, when we finished farming. User @JakeYoonCrypto (scammer) wrote to me that he is from the Korean community, they have a group of investors and like our project. They can help with listing on Coinone and scale on Korean market. Gave a link to the official Coinone Telegram group (these are scammers group) — and admin @coinone_JiwonSeo (scammer). Now I understand, that there is no official Coinone Telegram group.

They offered…

Migration portal

The last stage of farming showed that we missed an important element of interaction with a smart contract — withdrawal of funds through emergencyWithdraw. Before the second stage of farming, we decided to close this vulnerability. Since it is impossible to make changes to the blockchain, we plan to create new smart contracts and make a token migration portal in one click.

DAO voting + profit distribution system

We decided to seize the moment and implement the DAO voting system in the new version. Holders of 8.64 CTF tokens can vote for the development of the project. In addition, we will create a profit distribution system…

Today is March 04, 2021 and we are summing up the results of two competitions.

I want to thank all the participants!

Evangelist program

More than 1100 confirmations were sent through the form and 150 people took part.

You can check out the final Leaderboard here—

If you find yourself, you are entitled to a prize.

How to get prize?
1. You need to go to this Twitter post —
2. Leave your BEP-20 wallet in the comments to receive a prize (money and NFT). Be sure to leave a comment from the account that is in the leaderboard

MEME competition


CyberTime Finance

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