The past two weeks have been quite busy for the team. We will tell you what happened during this time and what are your plans for the end of September.

I had to postpone the launch 2 times, but it was worth it. Many users were delighted with the ease of movement. Liquidity in the pools filled almost immediately. Currently, DAOS / BNB has about $ 100,000, and CTF / BNB — $ 45,000. Everyone who added liquidity will receive prizes in the form of a Mystery Box + we returned a 2% commission for a deposit. …

We had a lot planned for this week, had a successful launch of v3, auctions on and thought we could handle SAVENFT. But the strength was no longer enough and on the tests there are things that need to be corrected. We’ll take a break, check everything again and launch on Wednesday 22 September.

The CyberTime team not just involved, it’s completely committed. Sacrificing the weekend, time with family, normal rest, we prepared everything for launch. Of course, it is possible to improve the process of interaction in a team, to cut bugs to tests, to work out the…

Today was a crazy day!
We worked from 8am almost 13 hours, while the week was also not easy. The start of the day turned out to be great: we created contracts, carried out a successful migration, created LP on Apeswap, created a farming contract, tested (deposit, withdrawal, emergency withdrawal). Everything worked perfectly!

We have started integrating new contracts with the site. We set up a migration portal, farming pools. We started to conduct final tests and were already ready to launch, but we saw an unpleasant thing — the CTF reward was being awarded very slowly. Everything seems to…

We prepared for the launch of the new version, but the withdrawal of the CTF award by users changed our plans. It turned out that the problem is quite serious. If the user has not withdrawn the reward from the pool for a long time, then a completely different amount is credited to his wallet then was shown in the personal account.

Check some message, that we receive from users:

Hi guys — which person do i need to contact? I claimed my CTF rewards — i was normally getting 479 CTF on the interface and on BSCScan i only…

We have everything prepared and ready for v3 integration.

Official Launch Date — September 09, 2021

1.On September 09 at 08:00 UTC we will stop CTF farming in LP pools on v2 version (be sure to remove the entire CTF reward before this time, you can withdraw LP at any convenient time)
2. We will close the site for visitors for 6–8 hours to integrate new contracts
3. Let’s create new contracts, integrate them to the website, prepare a migration portal, prepare new LPs on ApeSwap and check everything thoroughly
4. …

Buy tokens of the future blockchain game Daopolis, hold them and get ROI + 400% or even more. How is this possible? Let’s figure it out!

Start SAVENFT Farming literally in 7–10 days. The day before the start, our SAVENFT Challenge will be completed —

The peculiarity of this Challenge is that 2% of all SAVENFT tokens will be distributed among the top 10 winners! In addition, Mystery Box # 0 with NFT of the upcoming game will be raffled off. It is difficult to estimate how much tokens and SAVENFT will cost in the market, but let’s calculate.

Let’s talk about what happened in the last weeks and our next plans. Go!

Many users wrote to us about local chats, but we underestimated the effectiveness of their creation, so the launch was postponed. But when we created more than 7 groups in different languages, we were very surprised. People began to actively invite their friends. Chat leaders have been formed. For example, in less than 3 weeks the Turkish CyberTime community formed from 0 to 230 people. Thanks to Sener for being active! …

CyberTime has been around for almost 6 months. During its existence, not everything went smoothly, there were mistakes, partings, rethinking. But the most important thing is that we continue to move forward and aim to become a project with a capitalization of more than $ 1 billion. Many myths have formed around CyberTime, which in this article we will destroy, let’s go!

The project dies when the team stops believing and does any action.

- Faith
There were mistakes that led to a 99% drop in the price of tokens, but the team’s faith only grew stronger afterwards. There was a…

Summing up the results of the past two weeks:

Having studied the latest trends, we realized that NFT projects from #GameFi and Collectibies are very popular. We decided that the project needed changes, so focus on creating the Daopolis world. This is a blockchain game where there will be a confrontation between 2 factions — virtuality and anunimus. The core of the game is the inhabitants of Daopolis. These are unique Collectibies from 10k, with their own unique characteristics. We have now brought in a game mechanic specialist to create a truly interesting game and a global confrontation for influence…

Very soon, CyberTime’s NFTs will go on sale, which have practically no analogues on the market. In this article, we want to make an overview of the SAVENFT collection on the website, whose holders can receive% of each transaction throughout the year!

Important! This is not a financial recommendation and the purchase of NFT carries risks. Make your own decision.

4 NFTs that can be bought at the auction will be tied to SAVENFT token transactions. This is a deflationary token whose principle is quite simple. For any operation of the token, a commission is charged from the user…

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